Full Rewire

How do you know if your house needs a rewire?

There are certain signs that can help you decide. If the sockets and switches are very old, perhaps sited on the skirting boards, and very few to each room, it may indicate that the electrical installation needs updating.

A rewireable fuse box, often with a wooden back, is another clue. Lighting cables with no earths, and rubber insulated cabling are also signs that there has been no electrical updates for decades.

One reason that a rewire may be necessary is that old systems do not offer the protection against electric shock offered by wiring meeting current regulations. RCD protection on all circuits, together with modern wiring installed with care, gives the best protection in case of faults, and could save your life.

The materials in an old installation, although it may still be working, will have deteriorated over the years, posing potential dangers. For example, cable installed in the 1960’s was protected by rubber insulation. Over time, the insulation in the sockets and light fittings will have dried out and become brittle, possibly exposing the live conductors, leaving a high chance of short circuit or electric shock.

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