Landlord Test

Landlords have an obligation to have the electrical installations at their properties inspected and tested. The Consumer Protection Act 1987 and the Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 require that relevant steps are taekn to ensure that all electrical equipment that may be used by the tenant is safe.

This can satisfactorily be fulfilled by a regular test and inspection routine, followed by remedial work if necessary.

The IEE (now IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology)) Guidance Note 3, Inspection and Testing provides guidance on the inspection, testing and maintenance for electrical installations. This document places a general requirement for a “routine check” on commercial properties of 1 year with a more thorough examination including inspection and testing (Periodic Inspection Report or PIR) every 5 years, or at change of tenancy.

I can carry out the Periodic Inspection and Test, and issue you an electrical safety certificate.